Pie Tee Flat Top


A high-quality aluminium stamp with the shape of a tartlette. This aluminum stamp is perfect for both hot and cold preparations. This mold can be used to make crispy batter tartlette’s that can be filled afterwards.

Size per shape: 6 cm ø x 37 cm
Weight: 140 grams

Pie Tee Flat Top

Who doesn’t love a beautiful tartelette every once in a while? We surely do. This is the exact reason we’ve developed this tool to make your life a bit easier. Both savory and sweet tartlette’s can be made with this Pie Tee




Extra informatie


Afmetingen: 37 × 6.5 × 6.5 cm



NL/BE (1-3 werkdagen)
Europa (3-5 werkdagen)
Wereldwijd (4-10 werkdagen)

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