Fish Bone Mold


A high-quality silicone mold with the shape of a Fish Bone. The mold contains 6 shapes and is made of 100% food grade silicone..

The mold can withstand a temperature between -40 °C and +200 °C. The mold is therefore suitable for both the (shock) freezer and the oven.

Size per shape: 10 cm x 0.16 cm
Number of shapes: 6 pc.
Weight: 150 grams

Fish Bone Mold

“In shared fish there are no bones”  certainly the case with our Fish Bone mold as well! Share these amazing tuilles with your guest to show them your passion! Use a little bit of concentrated fish stock in your tulle batter to enhance the flavor.

Extra informatie


Afmetingen: 20 × 11 × 0.3 cm

NL/BE (1-3 werkdagen)
Europa (3-5 werkdagen)
Wereldwijd (4-10 werkdagen)

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