Ribble Disc Pressing Kit


A high quality silicone mold and stencil. The stencil contains 11 shapes and is made of food safe acrylic. The press is made from 100% food grade silicone

The press can withstand a temperature between -40 °C and +200 °C. The mold is therefore suitable for both the (shock) freezer and the oven.

Size per shape (stencil): 7.6 cm ø
Number of shapes (stencil): 11
Weight (press): 250 grams


Ribble Pressing Set

The silicone pressing mold is made in a Ribble Disc shape and is 100% food grade. The mold consists of two parts that fit exactly together and each mold has a length of 7.8 cm diameter, and a height of 2 cm per half .

The stencil has a cutout of 7.6 cm diameter. The stencil contains 11 shapes measuring 42 cm in length and 29 cm in width. The stencil is not dishwasher safe. We recommend rinsing the stencil with lukewarm water (40°C) without using any cleaning agents.

Use the stencil by spreading your mixture over the stencil placed on a silpat. Dehydrate the mixture and press it by putting the disc between the two parts. Remove and let dry to get it crispy. For inspiration and recipes check out this page: https://www.julescooking.com/single-post/kinder-bueno-dessert-candy-bar-to-fine-dining-dessert.

Extra information


Dimensions: 42 × 29.7 × 4.5cm



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