Puncher Set


A high-quality stainless steel round puncher set. The set contains 6 punchers with the following diameters:

ø 1.6 cm
ø 2.2 cm
ø 3.2 cm
ø 4.2 cm
ø 5.2 cm
ø 6.2 cm


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MoldBrother Puncher Set

One of our biggest annoyances working in the kitchen were the Puncher Sets. In every kitchen you can find bended, rusted an blunt puncher sets. We decided to change that. Our Puncher Set is make from one piece of solid stainless steel and has a sharpened edge. It doesn't rest, doesn't bend and stays sharp.

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Extra information


Dimensions: 8×8×4cm



NL/BE (1-3 business days)
Europe (3-5 business days)
Worldwide (4-10 business days)

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