About us


We are two brothers who started business from a shared passion and interest. Joost studies Food Innovation at HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch and Stijn studies Entrepreneurship at Team Academy in Amsterdam. By joining forces we came up with the idea that making personalized food molds could be a great project. Ultimately, we started our own business from this idea: MoldBrothers.

113 Michelin stars

Active in 18 countries

Meet the team

Joost Sommerdijk

Joost provides the creative input where necessary. From his background in the kitchen and his study of Food Innovation, he knows how he can help the customer to work out his or her idea. Joost is happy to take on the creative challenge with you.

Stijn Sommerdijk

Stijn mainly focuses on the commercial activities within MoldBrothers. In addition to MoldBrothers, Stijn is also studying Entrepreneurship in Amsterdam. Stijn is responsible for sales, customer contact and finance.

Kor Rutten

Within MoldBrothers, Kor provides tailor-made advice regarding food safety and technical challenges. With his background in the technical sector, he is an asset to the team.