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Thijs Meliefste

Thijs Meliefste (Restaurant Meliefste) has been approached by Tomorrowland to provide event catering during this festival. Together with Thijs we were able to design a mold in which the TML logo comes to life. During the festival, this dessert was admired and eaten by more than 6,000 guests.


Where chocolate and silicone do not seem to be friends at first glance, this shows the opposite. We have developed a special silicone blend for molds in which chocolate is processed. Tom then produced these delicious bars in collaboration with De Librije ***.

Rhine view

That such an end result comes from a silicone mold may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you see this photo. But the opposite is true, together with Rijnzicht * we have developed an ultra flexible mold. This technique allows us to create crisps in all shapes and sizes.

Launceston Place

MoldBrothers Ambassador Ben Murphy is the Chef of Launceston Place. Ben is known as one of the greatest talents in British Gastronomy. The mold is based on Whatsapp's chocolate emoticon and is the final piece of his menu. Launceston Place was also Princess Diana's favorite restaurant.

Felix Meritis

Every guest who dines at the new restaurant Felix Meritis receives a beautiful customized chocolate bar after the dinner. Do you like the golden bar ?! Then you have a free dinner for two. The unique monumental building in which the restaurant is located was built in 1777.

Gregory Doyen

Gregory Doyen is a top French pastry chef who recently started working with MoldBrothers products. Gregory is currently based in Lyon, but has gained knowledge and experience all over the world. Above the eye-catching result. MoldBrothers products also offer a solution for pastry.

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