Add more value with a custom product

We have everything it takes to realize your idea in the form of a custom mold, stencil or other product. This gives your dishes even more value and depth. Check down below how we do that or request a custom product right away!

3D Molds

3D Molds

We convert your culinary idea into a unique silicone mold.

2D Molds

2D Molds

You can also create and experiment endlessly with flat 2D shapes

Board Stencils

Board Stencils

With a custom stencil you always deliver a good impression!


Multi Stencils

A custom Multi Stencil is ideal for creating multiple dishes.



Tools such as stamps and plugs are also custom-made for you.


Our custom buñuelos are made of high-quality aluminum.

how we realize your idea


How we realize your idea

Request a product and share your idea. We think along with you, give honest advice and make a plan.


An offer you can’t refuse

Based on the product, the explanation and other information, we prepare a suitable offer.


Let’s get to work!

We have a match? Sweet! We start working the idea and of course the associated production.


Check, double check.

We check every millimeter to make sure our products are made of the highest quality.


Send it!

When ready, we pack your molds or stencils with care and they come directly to you, anywhere in the world!

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