Custom Made Food Molds

To offer food professionals the creative freedom to develop new dishes and concepts. We do this by offering innovative solutions aimed at the presentation and design of dishes.


Custom Molds

We can turn your culinary idea into a unique silicone mold. Together with you we can 'grind' any shape.

Custom Stencils

If you have a suitable 2D design, a personalized template is the ideal choice for you.

MoldBrothers Molds

Our own line of silicone food molds and templates is now available. Click here to go to our products.

Custom products

Your idea into a mold

We have the means to transform any idea, sketch or product into a tangible mold or template.


Webshop products

Our own line

In addition to our customproducts, we have also made a selection of molds that can be used in every kitchen. From true-to-life molds such as our Truffle molds to our broadly applicable Ring molds.


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About us


We are two brothers who started doing business out of a shared passion and interest. Joost studies Food Innovation at HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch and Stijn studies Entrepreneurship at Team Academy in Amsterdam. By joining forces we came to the idea that making personalized food molds could become a great project. In the end we started our own company based on this idea: MoldBrothers.

75 Michelin stars
Active in 13 countries


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Upload your logo or an image and we will create a perfect 3D design and Foodmold for you.

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